Heat Transfer FREEBIE



Get a taste of the positive impact science cartoons can have in your elementary and middle school classroom with this FREE heat transfer comic. Improve accessibility and increase retention with a teaching resource that makes reading science fun and engaging.

UPGRADE to the Heat Transfer Worksheet- Conduction, Convection, Radiation (Thermal Energy) and get ready-to-go supplementals including doodle notes and Easel activities.

⭐️ This is a free sample of just the science comic. There are no additional supplementals. ⭐️

Product Overview

Crafted to align with NGSS standards for 4th grade, your students will love this comic-style heat transfer reading passage. Readers will learn about the three types of thermal energy and examine relatable illustrations. They will learn how conduction is heat transferred through direct contact. They will look into a boiling pot of water to learn about convection, and they will relate radiant energy to a bonfire and the sun.

Your students will LOVE SCIENCE IN THE CARTOON FORM! Give it a try, and please follow me to be the first to find out about new products.

What’s Inside?

Comic-Style Reading Passage

  • Highly visual and engaging content providing an overview of thermal energy transfer
  • Color and B&W
  • Print up as a handout, poster, or anchor chart
  • A great addition to interactive notebooks
  • Gets off the screens and puts reading in their hands

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