Density Lesson and Lab



You have covered the basics of density and have a few students really grasping the concept. However, you still have a handful of confused learners and you are in need of something fun and engaging to solidify the lesson. This low-prep, Density Lesson and Lab package will do the trick!

Engage your learners in READING CONTENT! Tap into the power of graphic novels and visual learning with science-based comics. Students will explore through easy-to-grasp diagrams, illustrations, and activities. All in a highly visual format.

Children LOVE graphic novels and comics! This fully illustrated package will grab their attention, deliver content in a fun way, and leave them asking for MORE!

Here is what you get in the Density Lesson and Lab PDF…

Google Slides- A link with access to the presentation is located in the PDF

Fully Colored Version– Perfect for projecting on front board or printing as a poster.

Black and White Version– Easily printable, fun to color

Doodle Notes (TWO Versions)

  • Fill in the blank- Use as guided reading or guided note-taking tool
  • Draw It! Doodle- Many words remain, but images are missing. Students draw them in.

Create Your Own– A completely blank comic template. Students can draw in vertical lines where they see fit. Rubrics included.

Density Tower Lab- Students layer different liquids on top of each other to examine density in action. TIP- Ask each student to bring in ONE liquid to make this activity basically FREE

Density Tower Follow-Up Questions– Assess comprehension, inspire curiosity, and guide understanding with this page.

Answer Keys for Doodle Notes and Lab Follow-Up Questions

Easel Version– For your students’ Google classroom or learning devices!



Jacqueline B says

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thanks for another great comic!

Crystal L says

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Awesome resource! My students love to doodle and they didn’t realize they were learning while doing it.


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**Doodle Notes is a trademarked term used with permission. Please visit for more information.

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