Electrical Circuits Lesson Plan



Unlock your child’s potential with this engaging and ready-to-go Electrical Circuits Lesson Plan and hands-on STEM Activity. Crafted to align with 4th-grade NGSS standards, this lesson plan dives into the world of electricity and electrical circuits and makes reading science fun and accessible.

What makes this teaching resource fun and accessible?

Everything is delivered in a captivating comic style.

Comics have the power to break down tricky concepts into an easy-to-grasp format. They make information approachable and less intimidating to struggling readers. Comics harness the power of visual learning resulting in better retention and engagement.

If you have been searching for a way to grab the attention of your entire class, this is your solution.

Lesson Plan Overview

Your 4th-graders will read about circuits, batteries, the chemical reactions caused by electrolytes, and lemon batteries. The three content comics are designed to lay the foundational understanding of electrical circuits and how they work.

Each content comic is accompanied by Doodle Notes and a follow-up worksheet. Both supplementals are perfect for interactive notebooks.

Once your learners have grasped the concepts of circuits with the help of these comics, they will embark on an inquiry-based STEM challenge. The Powerful Fruit Inquiry prompts fourth graders to think outside the box and design an investigation testing a variety of different fruit batteries. The provided comic will guide them through the process using step-by-step illustrations.

What comes with the Electrical Circuits Lesson Plan?

Google Slideshow

  • Within the PDF you will see a link to your own copy of a Google slideshow
  • Content comics are separated into individual slides making it easy for you to teach the concepts before they plow through reading the comic
  • Editable
  • Shareable
  • Animated

Content Comics

  • THREE different comics designed to lay the foundational understanding of the concepts
  • Students will read about circuits, how batteries work, electrolytes, and lemon batteries
  • Includes diagrams of electrical circuits and currents
  • Both color and black-line versions of each
  • Easy to print up and deliver to each student
  • Aligned with NGSS standards (4-PS3)
  • Doubles as an anchor chart poster
  • These comics make reading the content FUN!

Doodle Notes

  • Words are removed from the content comics creating a fill-in-the-blank activity
  • Students can follow along as you utilize the Google slideshow
  • Keeps learners involved in the learning process
  • Makes note-taking more enjoyable
  • Fun to color
  • Glue into interactive notebooks

Follow-up Worksheets

  • Designed to reinforce understanding and prepare 4th-graders for the inquiry
  • Maintains the comic style
  • Another great addition to interactive notebooks
  • Can be used as classwork or homework
  • Provides additional support
  • Still fun to color!

Inquiry-Based STEM Activity

  • The Powerful Fruit Inquiry is a hands-on, student-lead activity
  • Asses what your students know to create circuits using various fruit batteries
  • The comic lays out the steps using illustrations making it more approachable to students who avoid reading
  • Includes a follow-up lab report worksheet
  • The worksheet circles back to the circuits content

Detailed Lesson Plan

  • Step-by-step lesson plan template providing ideas as to how you can utilize this resource
  • This resource can have a duration of a week or more

Answer Keys

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*Doodle Notes is a trademarked term used with permission. Please visit www.DoodleNotes.org for more information

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