Action-Reaction Balloon Powered Cars



Action-Reaction Balloon Powered Cars Activity

  • Have you ever heard of balloon powered cars, but you’re not sure how to incorporate it into your curriculum?
  • Are you looking for a low-prephands-on STEM activity?
  • Do you have a handful of students who refuse to read the directions?
  • Perhaps you are in search of a way to reinforce physical science concepts, such as Newton’s Laws, Action-Reaction, and Forces and Motion.

This Balloon Powered Car STEM Activity is exactly what you need!

Not only does this download provide instructions for a low-cost, low-prep STEM activity, but it encourages science literacy by presenting the instructions in comic form.

This download includes…

Visual Instructions

  • All of the steps are presented in a visual format
  • This will engage a wide range of readers

Wheel Construction Tutorial

  • When I did this activity with my students, they struggled the most with creating wheels for their cars
  • This page gives the kids some tips to help them create functioning wheels

Follow-up Questions

  • Tie the activity back to physical science (specifically Newton’s Third Law and Action-Reaction relationships) and the scientific method
  • The answer key is included

Easel Activity

  • The follow-up questions in a digital format
  • Perfect for your Google classroom or homework

All of my comics are drawn from scratch. There is no clip art or fonts involved.


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NGSS Standards

MS-PS2 Motion and Stability: Forces and Interactions

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