Forms of Energy Doodle Notes



Check out this dynamic and interactive 4th-grade Forms of Energy Science Comic, Doodle Notes, and Worksheet. Packed with engaging content and aligned with NGSS standards, this product provides the foundational information your grade 4 learners need to excel during your energy unit.

Comics make content ACCESSIBLE and FUN.

Grab the attention of all of the students in your classroom and try this impactful teaching resource today!

Product Overview

With an illustration of a go-cart dominating the first part of this science comic, your fourth-grade students will be captivated right from the start. Learners will read about what energy is and examine the different forms of energy. The comic is designed to illustrate the five forms of energy stated in the NGSS standards (4-PS3-2)- sound, light, electrical, thermal, and mechanical (potential and kinetic) energy.

This product is loaded with supplementals making it EASY for you to utilize the power of comics in your own science classroom.

What Do You Get?

Content-Rich Comic

  • Vibrant, one-page comic
  • Visually appealing
  • Doubles as an anchor chart
  • Captures the attention of young learners
  • Introduces them to the various forms of energy in a fun and accessible way.
  • The comic provides a solid foundation for understanding energy concepts, making it an ideal supplement to your 4th-grade science curriculum.

Doodle Notes

  • Reinforce learning through creativity
  • Guided-note format
  • Students can follow along while you teach the content
  • Serves as a great addition to interactive science notebooks
  • Doubles as a guided reading activity

Follow-Up Worksheet

  • Challenges students to apply their knowledge
  • Students can personalize their understanding of energy by sketching an example of each type of energy
  • Solidifies comprehension
  • Ensures they grasp the intricacies of different energy forms.
  • Another great option for interactive notebooks

Easel Activity

  • Seamlessly transition to digital learning
  • Both of the supplementals listed above are in an Easel format
  • The follow-up worksheet is slightly modified to make it easier to complete in a virtual realm
  • Great for make-up work or sub plans

Answer Keys

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