The Cool School Comics Story


It all began at a charter school for at-risk youth. Winter was long over, and one of  teachers' biggest stressors was on the horizon.... state testing.

Meanwhile, I was facing a class full of reluctant readers. They were bored with textbooks and had little interest in even reading the directions on their assignments. 


My students were missing valuable content, and the tests were looming.

I had to think fast.

How could I adapt my curriculum to deliver the content quickly and engage my students in reading?

On a whim, I scribbled down a short comic to illustrate a concept I knew my students were struggling with. The comics was pretty basic, but it delivered the facts in the form of characters, diagrams, and word bubbles. 

Vintage Weathering Comic

To my surprise, my students LOVED the comic. They eagerly examined and read every inch of it. They were excited about the concept and thirsty for more. 

In response to this, I continued to create comics and fine tune them into the most effective learning tool possible.