Heat Transfer



Recharge your thermal energy unit with this comic-style reading passage and heat transfer worksheet! Your science class will instantly engage in the science cartoons as they read about conduction, convection, and radiation. The supplemental Doodle Notes and types of heat transfer worksheet will solidify understanding and ensure retention.

Comics have the power to engage reluctant readers and improve content accessibility. Crafted to align with NGSS standards, not only will these comic-style science cartoons meet your learning goals, but they are sure to be a hit in your science classroom.

Since the information is presented in a comic format, this teaching resource is versatile enough to work in both grade 4 and middle school science.

Product Overview

The comic-style science reading passage will cover the basics of thermal energy transfer with the help of captivating illustrations and easy-to-grasp diagrams. Your learners will read about the different types of heat transfer- conduction, convection, and radiation. They will examine several relatable examples complete with explanations and vivid details.

The Doodle Notes and follow-up heat transfer worksheet will allow you to assess understanding of the concepts. Your students will be prompted to apply their knowledge to think through and draw examples.

What’s Inside?

Comic-Style Reading Passage

  • Highly visual and engaging content providing an overview of thermal energy transfer
  • Color and B&W
  • Print up as a handout, poster, or anchor chart
  • A great addition to interactive notebooks
  • Gets off the screens and puts reading in their hands

Doodle Notes

  • Fill-in-the-blank style guided notes
  • Solidifies understanding and keeps students involved
  • Another great addition to interactive notebooks
  • A good homework option

Heat Transfer Worksheet

  • Builds on your learners’ understanding of the concepts
  • Encourages students to apply what they have learned about conduction, convection, and radiation as they examine or draw more examples
  • Engage the more artistic learners in your classroom
  • Serves as a great homework option or additional support

Easel Activity

  • Easy to upload to your virtual classrooms
  • Great homework or make-up work option

Answer Keys


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Be the hip teacher seizing the graphic novels craze. Your students will LOVE it!

*Doodle Notes is a trademarked term used with permission. Please visitĀ www.DoodleNotes.org for more information

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