Not Just a Seasons Diagram

When it comes to teaching my students the reason for the seasons, I find a basic seasons diagram is not enough. Students may be able to memorize the different positions of the Earth during its revolution and how the Earth tilts on its axis, but actually understanding why the seasons change requires a little more active learning.

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Think Visual

The Power of Visual Learning

Potential Kinetic Energy Square Image
Potential and Kinetic Energy Content Comics
Introduction to Cells Lesson Image
Introduction to Cells Supplementals

There is a range of educational comics out there, but few attempt to combine a lesson plan, images, content, and hands-on learning. The Cool School Comics meld all of these components into each lesson plan template. Science is naturally fun and engaging, but some students need educational comics to rope them in.

Visual Instructions for Catapult
Catapult Challenge Comic

Instructions in Comic Form

Visual Instructions for Balloon Cars
Balloon Powered Car Instructions
Convection Currents Activity Image
Convection Currents Instructions

Hands-on learning opportunities can be delivered in a visual format as well. Many students are reluctant to read, and they need creative curriculum lesson plans to grab their attention. With The Cool School Comics, both elementary and middle school activities are delivered in a format catering to the visual learner.

Visual Instructions for Wheels and Axle
Visual Instructions for Wheels and Axle