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Complete Lesson Plans

Introducing innovative science lesson plan templates geared towards today’s attention spans and learning style diversity.

Google Slide-decks

Visual Content

Guided Notes

Doodle Notes

Low-Prep STEM Activities

Follow-up Assessments

Final Project

Lesson Plan Template

How it works

From content to the final project, each lesson plan is designed to harness the power of visual learning.

  1. Google Slide-deck
    Each component of the content is broken down into an animated slideshow making your presentation aspect of the lesson easy and visual.
  2. Content Comics
    Aligning with NGSS Standards, the content of the topic is compressed into a one-page, infographic-style comic. Students can obtain their information quickly and effectively.
  3. Doodle Notes
    Available in two formats (Guided Notes and Doodle Notes), students have the ability to take a little more of an active role during the introduction portion of the lesson.
  4. Hands-On STEM
    Low-prep STEM activities aligning with the content and easy on the wallet. Most activities involve the use of recyclables or everyday household products. All of the directions are delivered in a visual format.
  5. Final Project

Content In Comic Form

As a veteran middle school science teacher, I have encountered a wide range of learning styles. Year after year, I noticed more and more children were reluctant to read the content. From Textbooks to instructions, a growing number of students would avoid reading and miss valuable content.

Comics make reading engaging and present information in a manner that does not intimidate struggling readers. They provide authentic language learning opportunities and tie imagery with content. Readers are able to gather the information quickly before their attention spans begin to wane.

Both the Google slideshow and comics deliver science concepts in a visually engaging format.

Comic-Style Doodle Notes

The Cool School Comics provides students with the opportunity to participate in the science lesson by completing guided notes and doodle notes. These learning tools mirror the content comic but have aspects removed. It is the student’s job to fill them in.

These are a great addition to interactive science notebooks and also serve as a great homework option. This is the first opportunity in the lesson for students to apply what they are learning.

Many teachers opt to have students color the comics. This results in an assignment that can last the duration of an entire class period.

The STEM Activity and Final Project

Hands-on STEM Activities and Projects

In every lesson plan template, I have included some fun and engaging assessment options. As a former STEM teacher, I know how hard it is to find activities that align with the content, are low-prep, and do not break the bank. Each STEM activity involves everyday household items and/or recyclables. This results in a very inexpensive classroom science activity.

In order to bring the STEM activity full circle, I have created follow-up questions. The follow-up questions align with the content comics and reinforce the concepts. Students are challenged to apply their understanding and reflect on what they learned during the STEM activity.

The final project gives students the opportunity to create their own comic aligning with the content. This gives them a chance to get creative and take a hack at developing their own visual learning content. The lesson plan template provides two rubrics differentiated to accommodate different learning levels.

The Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Plan Template

One of the newest additions to the Complete Science Lesson Plan is the Lesson Plan Template. This template maps out a range of approaches you can take to implementing these comics in your science classroom. It is possible to stretch this lesson more than a week, depending on which options you choose.

With clear and concise learning goals and tips, this lesson plan template acts as the perfect guide to optimize the use of this product.

Layout of a complete lesson plan template

Comics have the power to help learners develop higher-level thought processes and are easier for students to remember.

The Benefits of Comics in Education

Your science classroom will never be the same.

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