The Cool School Comics
Lesson Pack

Complete, Low-Prep Learning Packages all in Comic Form

Each Package Includes

Google Slides | Content Comics | Doodle Notes | Hands-On Activity | Follow-Up Assessments | "Create a Comic" Project

Teach with Visuals

Google Slides

  • All the content found in the comics broken into several slides
  • Animations added to allow room for discussion
  • Each slide is colorful and visually engaging
Engage Your Readers

Content Comics

  • Specific topics delivered in a highly visual format.
  • Key terms, examples, and diagrams
  • Aligning with Next Generation Science Standards
  • Engages even your most reluctant readers
Active Learning

Doodle Notes

  • Guided notes and drawing challenges
  • Students demonstrate their understanding¬†
  • Great for science journals¬†
  • Immerse your learners in the topic
Phase Changes Doodle Notes
Hands-On Activity

"Try This" Comic

  • Hands-on Learning Activity
  • Visual instructions
  • Always low-prep
  • Always inexpensive
  • Demonstrate the concept and student comprehension with active learning.

Follow-Up Assignment

  • Assess your students' understanding
  • Ties the "Try This" activity back to the content
  • Builds on understanding
  • Answer keys provided when necessary¬†
Phase Changes Blank Template

Create a Comic

  • Learners exercise their comprehension by creating their own comics.
  • Great final project to wrap up the lesson
  • Includes two rubrics differentiated for learning levels

Why Comics?