Balanced and Unbalanced Forces Lesson Plan



Teach your class about balanced and unbalanced forces with this unique and complete lesson plan!

Do your students go wild about graphic novels? Harness this excitement with CONTENT in COMIC FORM!

This complete lesson plan is loaded with content and learning opportunities. The Relay Races Challenge is LOW-PREP, completely FREE, and engages your students in active learning.



If you are looking for a product for higher grade levels (MS-PS2-2), please check out Types of Force HERE.


Explore the many types of forces with colorful and memorable illustrations and examples. Your students will never forget the difference between balanced and unbalanced forces. They will examine many types of forces, such as gravity, friction, magnetism, and more.

Comics have the power to make reading accessible to an extended range of learning abilities. From proficient to struggling readers and SPED to ESL, everyone benefits from the incorporation of comics in your classroom.

This Balanced and Unbalanced Types of Forces Lesson Plan includes:

  1. Google Slideshow– Your own copy of my fully animated slide deck
  2. Colored Content– Display on the front board, print up to hand out or as a poster
  3. B&W Content- East to print and engaging to color
  4. Guided Notes- A unique addition for interactive notebooks. Use as guided reading. Good homework option
  5. Doodle Notes- Reinforce the concept and asks learners to apply their understanding. Appeals to the artists in your classroom. Also a great addition to interactive notebooks
  6. Balanced Forces Relay Races Activity- Students compete in a fun and FREE activity while implementing their understanding of BALANCED FORCES. A great team-building exercise.
  7. Activity Follow-up Questions– Once the activity is complete, students will complete these questions to tie all of the information together.
  8. Easel Activity– Guided notes in Easel form! Upload directly to your virtual classroom.
  9. “Create a Comic” Final Project– Students apply what they have learned to create their own comics about the types of forces.
  10. Differentiated Rubrics– Two different rubrics differentiated for your variety of learners.
  11. Lesson Plan Template– A detailed lesson plan mapping out how you can extend this lesson to a week or more. Includes tips and instructions.
  12. Answer Keys– Answers for the guided notes and follow-up questions


Grab the FREE FRICTION COMIC while you’re here! CLICK HERE

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