Potential and Kinetic Energy Doodle Notes Package



Potential and Kinetic Energy Doodle Notes

Engage your students in learning about potential and kinetic energy with this content comic and Doodle Notes. Are your students bored with reading textbooks? Teach science with comics! Captivate your learners in this colorful illustration of potential and kinetic energy, and examine real-life examples of the energy transfer occurring.

Readers will learn about potential and kinetic energy as they examine a variety of different types of motion. From rollercoasters to hammers and nails, students will relate to and remember these colorful examples.

This Potential and Kinetic Energy Doodle Notes download includes:

  1. Fully Colored Comic– Project on the front board or print as a poster.
  2. Black and White Comic– Easily printable, engaging to color.
  3. Easel Activity- Complete the guided notes in a digital format. Upload it directly to your virtual classroom.
  4. Fill-in-the-Blank Doodle Notes- Students can take notes while they learn. Use a follow-up or supplemental.
  5. Draw it! Doodle Notes- Students are challenged to draw the concepts!
  6. Answer Key for Doodle Notes

Looking for MORE?

You will get…
  • Everything listed above in this PDF
  • Access to the Momentum Google Slideshow Presentation
  • A low-prep, STEM Activity (Instructions in comic form!)
  • Follow-up Questions for the activity
  • Doodle Notes
  • A Create a Comic project with rubrics
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MS-PS3 Energy


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*Doodle Notes is a trademarked term used with permission. Please visit www.Doodlenotes.org for more information.

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