Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources Lesson Plan



Unleash your 4th grader’s inner scientist by exploring this comic-style Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources Lesson Plan and Activities. This low-prep and highly visual Earth and Human Activity lesson plan is designed to align with NGSS Standards, engage their minds, and leave them with a lasting understanding of this topic.

Every aspect of this lesson plan, from the content to the hands-on activity, harnesses theĀ power of comics. Comics have the ability to break down lengthy paragraphs into manageable chunks. They break down language barriers and make information accessible to a wider range of reading levels.

Cool School Comics makes it EASY for you to utilize this impactful learning tool.Ā This is more than just a comic. This is a complete, comic-style lesson plan,Ā complete with content, supplementals, Google slides, and a hands-on lab.

Product Overview

Learners will think about all of the ways we use energy on a daily basis and consider which types of energy may come from renewable and nonrenewable resources. As they explore the topic, they will differentiate between the two types of resources and learn about the advantages and disadvantages of both types of energy. Students will be introduced to fossil fuels and their impact on the environment.

To reinforce understanding, the lesson plan includes an array of supplementals and a hands-on activity (detailed below). In addition, this renewable and nonrenewable energy lesson plan also includes a final project offering a unique way to assess understanding of the content.

What’s inside this NGSS 4-ESS3-1 lesson plan?

Google Slideshow
  • You getĀ your own copy to edit and share
  • The content of the lesson is broken down into individual slides
  • Fully animates and colorful
  • Presents the content in a comic-style
  • This is a great resource for the beginning of the lesson prior to handing out the comic
  • Share directly to your students’ virtual classroom
Comic-Style Content
  • Two different, one-page comics covering the content in a visually engaging format
  • One comic covers theĀ basics of renewable and nonrenewable energy, and the second comic explores theĀ disadvantages of fossil fuels
  • Both color and black-line copies are provided
  • The color versions double asĀ eye-catching anchor charts
  • The black-line versions are easy to print and fun to color
  • The comic style willĀ grab the attention of even your most reluctant readersĀ becauseĀ comics make content approachable.
Doodle Notes
  • Multiple versions of Doodle Notes
  • The guided notes style allows students to fill on the blanks as you teach
  • The traditional doodle notes style requires more drawing
  • Can be used as a guided reading or homework worksheet
  • Serves as a great addition to interactive science notebooks
  • Reinforces understanding and keeps learners engaged
Oil Spill Clean-up Activity
  • A LOW-PREP lab challenging students to clean up a mini oil spill using everyday household items
  • All of the directions are presented in a visual format making the activity accessible to all reading levels
  • Visual instructions and a two-page (comic-style) lab report is provided
  • Both color and black-line versions
  • Students will reflect on the human impact fossil fuels have on the environment
Additional Supplementals
  • A renewable and nonrenewable energy graphic organizer has been included
  • Students differentiate between the two types of energy
  • They are asked to define the concepts and draw examples of each
  • Another great addition to interactive notebooks
Create-a-Comic Project
  • This is a unique approach to assessing comprehension of the concepts
  • Students create their own comics teaching others about Earth and Human Activity
  • A blank comic template has been provided
  • The horizontal lines are present but the vertical lines have been left out allowing students flexibility in the creation process
  • TWO differentiated rubrics have been provided to make grading EASY for you
  • Display them throughout your science classroom, hang them in the halls, or create a class comic book

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