Electrical Energy: Batteries and Circuits



Revolutionize your 4th-grade science lesson plan with our Electrical Energy: Batteries and Circuits Doodle Notes Activity! This comic-style learning tool will captivate and educate your students on electricity and magnetism, while also addressing NGSS standards!

Dive into this engaging lesson and make learning fun with this interactive teaching resource. This product is great for interactive notebooks, bulletin boards, and anchor charts.

Grab their attention with a comic and get them excited about reading science!

Product Overview

Designed to build a foundational understanding of how a battery can power a circuit, this ready-to-go comic portrays the information in a vivid and easy-to-grasp manner.

Readers will chuckle when they examine the electrons attempting to cross the battery to the positively charged metal only to be blocked by the electrolytes. The only way for the electrons to get to the positive metal in the battery is to follow the path created by a circuit.

The comic reviews electrical currents (see theĀ Electricity Comic) and explains why a battery dies.

This comic is designed to provide a foundational understanding of one of the key components of circuits and electrical energy.

What do you get?

Full-Color Content Comic

  • Vivid and engaging, one-page science comic
  • Infographic-style breaking up content into manageable chunks
  • Printable as a handout or anchor chart
  • Engages ANYONE who looks at it
  • Grabs the attention of even your most reluctant readers

Black-Line Content Comic

  • Fun for students to color
  • A great addition to interactive science notebooks

Doodle Notes Activity

  • Guided notes style worksheet
  • Words are removed from the original science comic
  • Another perfect addition to interactive notebooks
  • Students fill in the blanks while you teach
  • Great for elementary and middle school students

Follow-up Worksheet

  • Additional reinforcement of the content
  • Learners apply their understanding of electricity, batteries, and circuits to answer a few questions
  • Designed to get kids thinking
  • This is a good option for homework

Answer Keys

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*Doodle Notes is a trademarked term used with permission. Please visitĀ www.DoodleNotes.org for more information

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