Rock Cycle Diagram Activity and Lesson Plan



Engage your learners in reading science with this CARTOON-STYLE version of the rock cycle diagram.

Are your students bored with everyday content? Teach science with comics and captivate even your most reluctant readers!

Discover the stages of the rock cycle with these engaging diagrams and learning activities. Did you know the Earth’s interior is so hot it can actually melt rock? Melted rock is called magma, and this is the start of the rock cycle. This vivid comic explains the cycle and describes the three types of rocks (igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic).

Hands-on Starburst Activity

This low-prep rock cycle lab is hands-on and low-cost. Your learners will never forget the process of creating each type of rock using starburst and a little elbow grease. They will follow the fully illustrated comic-style instructions through each step of the creation process. to conclude the activity, students will place their models of each rock in the appropriate position in the rock cycle diagram.

This LEARNING ACTIVITY PACKAGE download includes:

  1. Google Slideshow– A fully-animated slideshow walking learners through the rock cycle.
  2. Lesson Plan Template– Maps out how you can implement each aspect of this package and how it can stretch out about a week (maybe even more).
  3. Fully Colored Content– Perfect for projecting on the front board or printing as a poster.
  4. Black and White Version– Easily printable, fun to color
  5. Guided Note Version– Fill in the blank! Use as guided reading or guided note-taking tool. Great for interactive notebooks.
  6. Doodle Notes– Traditional Doodle Notes. Many words remain, but images are missing. Students draw them in.
  7. Multiple Rock Cycle Diagrams– Two fill-in diagrams and one complete rock cycle diagram. Add to interactive notebooks.
  8. Hands-on Starburst Rock Cycle Activity- Students use Starbursts to replicate each aspect of the rock cycle.
  9. Follow-up Lab Sheet– Two versions available. Students place their “rocks” in the appropriate location on the paper.
  10. Rock Cycle Fact Sheet– Assess your learner’s understanding or use this as a supplemental study guide.
  11. Create Your Own Comic Project– Assess their understanding in a unique way! This is a completely blank comic template. Students can draw vertical lines where they see fit.
  12. Differentiated Rubrics for “Create Your Own” Comic- Rubrics to double as instructions for students and grading requirements. TWO versions are included to accommodate different learning levels.
  13. Answer Key for Guided Notes
  14. Teacher Tips– Tips and instruction ideas for you!
  15. Easel Version– For your students’ Google classroom or learning devices!

Also available in the EARTH SCIENCE BUNDLE!

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