Cell Diagram Lesson Plan



Cell Diagram Activity Pack

This fully-loaded package includes a content comic, Google slides, Doodle Notes, a cell diagram (both animal and plant), flashcards, a cell functions chart, a drawing challenge, and a blank comic template. This download is FILLED with learning opportunities! Children LOVE comics. Engage your whole class with content in comic form.

What is the basic unit of life? What are cells? Do all cells have a nucleus? These questions will be answered with this package. Students will read about unicellular and multicellular organisms and examine how cells combine to create organ systems. They will explore cell structure and function with cell diagrams, flashcards, and charts. The supplemental will allow them to take a deeper look at the parts of a cell and compare the two main types of cells (animal cells and plant cells).

The Cell Diagram Learning Activity Package Includes

  1. Google Slides– Link to content in Google slide format.
  2. Fully Colored Version– Perfect for projecting on front board or printing as a poster.
  3. Black and White Version– Easily printable, fun to color
  4. Basic Doodle Notes– Fill in the blank! Use as guided reading or guided note-taking tool
  5. Drawing-Based Doodle Notes- Students will demonstrate their understanding of the concept by following drawing prompts.
  6. Create Your Own- This blank comic template will allow you to assess student comprehension in a unique way. Encourage students to draw the missing vertical lines wherever they wish.
  7. Parts of a Cell Diagram- A diagram of the structure of the animal and plant cells.
  8. Parts of a Cell Diagram Fill-In- Students can fill in the blanks, labeling the parts of a cell.
  9. Parts of a Cell Functions Chart- A chart allowing students to fill in all of the functions of each part of the cell.
  10. Parts of a Cell Flashcards- Students can create flashcards or glue each car into their science journals.
  11. Rubrics- TWO rubrics (differentiated for varied learning levels) to aid in grading the “Create Your Own” comics activity.
  12. Answer Keys for Doodle Notes, the Cell Diagrams, the Functions Chart, and the Flashcards.
  13. Teacher Tips– Tips and instructions for you!

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