Condensation and Cold Fronts Doodle Notes



Revamp your water cycle unit with this captivating condensation and cold fronts comic package! BONUS MINI-MOVIE! Get content, guided notes, doodle notes, an Easel activity, and answer keys- all in one download.

Are you looking for a unique and informative addition to your interactive notebooks?

Are the reluctant readers in your class missing important content?

Do your students love graphic novels?

Grab the attention of your entire class with educational comics! Your students will jump at the opportunity to read comics. Take advantage of the graphic novel craze and add this effective learning tool.

BONUS!!! Watch the FREE YouTube Short!

Students will watch this comic get drawn and listen to the lesson in this quick Cool School Comic Clip. Click HERE!

This Water Cycle relates the following concepts:

  • Matter and phase changes
  • Condensation
  • Cold fronts colliding with warm air
  • Water molecules
  • Rain

This Water Cycle and Condensation download includes-

Content Comics

  • Both color and black-and-white versions
  • Easy to print
  • Fun to color
  • Ties directly to the YouTube video
  • Colorful and engaging

Guided Notes

  • Great for interactive notebooks
  • Use as a guided reading
  • Students follow along as they learn
  • Fun to color

Doodle Notes

  • Perfect follow-up activity
  • Also a nice addition to interactive notebooks
  • Could be used as a supplemental assignment or homework

Easel Activity

  • The guided notes in a digital format
  • Upload directly to your digital classroom
  • Great for home-based students

Answer Keys

  • Quick reference for both assignments

This comic aligns well with the Grade 5 and Grade 7 Earth Systems NGSS standards, but it is versatile for a range of grade levels. Your students will love this activity and learn in the process.

Comics are an effective and impactful learning tool. They have the power to engage your most reluctant readers and simultaneously captivate your advanced readers. This visual learning tool makes learning accessible to a wide audience including SPED and ESL learners.

Try it in your classroom today. YOUR STUDENTS WILL LOVE IT!



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Properties of Matter Lesson Plan 


*Doodle Notes is a trademarked term used with permission. Please visit for more information.

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