Help the Honeybees (Earth Day Comic)



Skip the Earth Day quiz and grab their attention with an activity they will LOVE. Loaded with Earth Day activities for kids, this resource boasts visual content, coloring sheets, a word search, doodle notes, and more!

Help the Honeybees Earth Day Comic

Do you have a soft spot in your heart for honeybees and want to spread the word about protecting the species?

Are you looking for an engaging way to tackle environmental and conservation topics for Earth Day?

Check out this FREE comic all about honeybees and the challenges they are facing. Readers will learn about colony collapse disorder (CCD), pesticide dangers, and the impact humans are having on the environment.


The honeybee population is quite unstable. All over our country, entire colonies are disappearing leaving. Aside from the fact that this affects our country’s agricultural production, it indicates there is an imbalance in the ecosystem. No honeybees means no fruits, vegetables, and other crops. We need to do our part to help, and this comic makes it clear how easily we can accomplish this.

This comic marks the first in a series of “Eye Opening Comics.” These comics will all be free and are all focused on topics that need to be brought to everyone’s attention.

This Honeybees Earth Day Comic Includes

  • Fully Colored Content Comic- Great for printing out as a handout, poster, or anchor chart
  • Black and White Content Comic- Easy to print and a unique addition to interactive notebooks
  • Doodle Notes- Students fill in the blanks as they learn. Another great addition to interactive notebooks
  • Earth Day Word Search and Activity Worksheet
  • Blank Comic Template allowing students to create their own Earth Day comic
  • Rubrics
  • Answer Keys


MS.Human Impacts

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