Continental Drift Lesson Plan



Revamp your Earth science lesson plans with this eye-catching continental drift teaching resource. Geared toward middle school learners, this lesson plan is jam-packed with content and hands-on learning.

If you are you looking for a LOW-PREP and UNIQUE way to engage your middle school students in learning about plate tectonics and continental drift, this is the resource you have been looking for.

With a HANDS-ON and INEXPENSIVE “large-scale systems” project and supplementals that will enhance your student’s interactive notebooks, this Continental Drift lesson plan has it all.


My goal is to create FREE videos and align them with comics. SUBSCRIBE HERE to get instant access when videos are posted.

Topics Covered in the PDF and BONUS Video:
  • Fossil types on different continents
  • Shapes of continents (as evidence for drift)
  • Ocean ridges (in BONUS video)
  • Theory of Continental Drift
  • Alfred Wegener
  • Different Earth periods (i.e. Jurassic, Ordovician, etc)
  • Plate tectonics (in BONUS video)

Everything is presented in a highly-visual, comics-style format.

Print this PDF as a regular comic or a large poster! Glue any aspect of this download as a unique interactive notebook addition.

This PACKAGE download includes:

  1. Lesson Plan Template- A clear plan as to how you can carry this download over the course of an entire week!
  2. Link to Google Slideshow– The link is on the first page of the PDF. A full slideshow of all of the content and the activity.
  3. Interactive Table of Contents
  4. Fully Colored Version– Perfect for projecting on front board or printing as a poster.
  5. Black and White Version– Easily printable, fun to color. Glue directly into the interactive notebook to use as a reference.
  6. Fill-in-the-Blank Doodle Notes– Use as guided reading or guided note-taking tool
  7. Doodle Notes– Reinforce understanding through art. Students draw them in.
  8. Create Your Own– A completely blank comic template. Students can draw in vertical lines where they see fit. Assess their understanding in a unique way.
  9. Drifting Continents Large-Scale Project- Challenge students to create a large-scale model of a specific period in Earth’s history
  10. Drifting Continent Project Rubrics- Assess the projects using either the rubric I created or create your own with the template included.
  11. Rubrics for “Create Your Own” Comic- Two rubrics to serve as instructions for students and a grading tool for you.
  12. Answer Key for Guided Notes and Doodle Notes
  13. Original, VINTAGE Lesson Plan– See how much the Cool School Comics have evolved over the years.

Comics have the ability to captivate all levels of learners! From the proficient reader to the struggling reader, comics make learning fun and accessible. Capture your students’ attention and the power of visual learning.

Check out our blog to learn more about how this package was developed and how to streamline it into your classroom. Click Here!


NGSS Standards

MS-ESS2 Earth’s Systems


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