Continental Drift Comic and Doodle Notes



This download will illustrate continental drift, Pangaea, Alfred Wegener, and fossil evidence in an educational comic format!

Are you looking for a great visual learning tool to help you teach your students about the concept of continental drift?

Do you need more content or supplementals to reinforce your lesson?

Do you have a handful of students wild about graphic novels?

Captivate all of your learners with science content in comic form! This download will deliver the concept of continental drift in a fully illustrated comic-style manner. Take advantage of the graphic novel craze and use science comics to teach!

The Continental Drift science comic covers…
  • Alfred Wegener
  • Pangaea
  • Fossil Records
  • The evidence to support the theory

⭐️ Developed around NGSS MS-ESS2-2 (Grade 6 or Grade 8)

The download includes

Content Comic

  • Color and black and white version
  • Project it on the front board while teaching
  • Have students color the black-and-white version
  • Add to interactive notebooks

Guided Notes

  • Many words have been removed allowing students to fill it in as they learn
  • Use as guided reading or homework
  • Also great for interactive notebooks

Doodle Notes

  • Allows students the opportunity to get a little more creative
  • Another great addition to interactive notebooks

Easel Activity

  • Allows you to upload guided notes directly to your virtual classroom
  • Great for supplemental support or homework

Answer Keys

  • For both guided notes and doodle notes
➡️ Looking for more?

The complete lesson plan is in the works. You can buy the vintage lesson plan now and instantly get access to the new lesson plan! The Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics Lesson Plan will include…

  • Everything listed in this download
  • More content comics
  • More guided notes and doodle notes
  • An intro activity
  • Projects (hands-on)
  • Google slideshow
  • More Easel activities

Grab it now, and you will be locked in at a low price.

Check out our blog to learn more about how to streamline this into your classroom! CLICK HERE

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