Asexual Reproduction (FREE SAMPLE)



Spice up your asexual reproduction lesson with a FREE teaching resource your students are going to LOVE. If you have learners who are wild about graphic novels, this is the teaching tool you have been searching for.

Comics have the power to break down tricky content into manageable chunks. With the pairing of images and compact word bubbles, comics tackle language barriers and remove the intimidation factor that comes with reading lengthy text.

I began creating comics when I was a middle school science teacher at a charter school for at-risk youth. My students avoided reading and comics were the only way I could reach my reluctant readers. I am here to help you improve science literacy in your classroom and finally reach those struggling readers.

Cool School Comics improves retention, makes content relatable, increases engagement, and makes information accessible.

This is your chance to try it for FREE.

Product Overview

Your students will examine asexual reproduction through eye-catching illustrations and relatable examples. Crafted to align with the NGSS Standards (MS-LS3-2), this comic defines the concept, presents examples, touches on mitosis, and discusses the disadvantages of asexual reproduction. The best part is your students will WILLINGLY READ THIS COMIC.

This freebie includes ONLY the color and black-line comics.


Grab the Asexual Reproduction Doodle Notes Activity for a more in-depth comic-style science lesson. The download includes-

  • Color Content Comic
  • Black-Line Content Comic
  • Guided Notes (great for interactive notebooks)
  • Doodle Notes (a perfect extension activity)
  • Easel Activities
  • Answer Keys


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