Momentum Full Lesson Plan



Momentum Comic

Teach science with comics! Young readers LOVE comics. Dive into the topic of momentum with these engaging, comic-based learning activities.

This package includes a Google slideshow, content, Doodle Notes, a hands-on STEM activity, practice problems, and a project.

Discover momentum with this funny comic. Compare the momentum of an elephant and a squirrel riding bicycles. Readers will discover how mass and velocity play a role in an object’s momentum and solidify their understanding with the follow-up practice worksheet. This silly comic is a memorable way to grasp the concept.

This Momentum Comic Lesson download includes:

  1. Google Slides Link- Just click anywhere on the page to gain access to the Google slideshow presentation.
  2. Fully Colored Version– Perfect for projecting on front board or printing as a poster.
  3. Black and White Version– Easily printable, fun to color
  4. Doodle Notes Version– Fill-in-the-blank! Use as guided reading or guided note-taking tool
  5. Practice Problems– Students can apply what they have learned.
  6. Create Your Own– A completely blank comic template. Students can draw in vertical lines where they see fit.
  7. Hands-on Momentum Activity- Students will observe momentum in action with this low-prep demo
  8. Activity Follow-up Questions- Students will make predictions, answer questions, and relate it all to momentum.
  9. Rubrics for “Create Your Own” Comic- Two rubrics to serve as instructions for students and a grading tool for you. Rubrics are adjusted to accommodate different learning levels.
  10. Answer Key for Doodle Notes, Momentum Demo, and Practice Problems
  11. Teacher Tips– Tips and instruction ideas for you!


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HS-PS2-2 Motion and Stability: Forces and Interactions

Momentum is defined for a particular frame of reference; it is the mass times the velocity of an object.


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**Doodle Notes is a trademarked term used with permission. Please visit for more information.

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