Asexual Reproduction Doodle Notes Activity



Secure the attention of all of the students in your science classroom with this eye-catching and engaging asexual reproduction teaching resource! If you have struggling readers in your classroom, this is the teaching resource you have been searching for.

Improve science literacy in your classroom with a teaching tool they will LOVE!

Product Overview

Dive into the world of asexual reproduction with vivid illustrations and easy-to-grasp examples. Readers will examine the definition through images and word bubbles. They will learn about different types of asexual reproduction and explore its advantages and disadvantages.

What do you get?

Fully Colored Content Comic
  • One-page comic aligning with NGSS standards
  • Easy to print or project on the front board
  • It is possible to print this as an anchor chart poster
  • Covers the content in an accessible manner
Black-line Content Comic
  • Same comic but without the color
  • Super easy to print and distribute
  • Students of all ages love to color it
Guided Notes
  • Learners fill in the blanks while you teach
  • Serves as a great graphic organizer
  • Add to interactive science notebooks
  • Keeps students engaged while you teach
Doodle Notes Activity
  • Build on the understanding in your classroom
  • Learners are challenged to consider the advantages and disadvantages of asexual reproduction
  • More than just a worksheet. This could be a mini-research assignment
  • Another great addition to interactive notebooks
  • Could be a good homework assignment
Answer Keys

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What makes Cool School Comics such an impactful learning tool?

  • They are FUN! 
    • This is the most crucial benefit.
    • Students are more willing to participate and more engaged.
    • The content STICKS.
  • Visual learning is EFFECTIVE. 
    • About 65% of the population consists of visual learners.
    • Visual information is processed faster.
    • Students who SEE information are more likely to retain it.
  • EASY to implement! 
    • These lesson plans are complete and ready to go, requiring minimal prep time.
    • You only need to make copies, upload supplementals to your virtual classrooms, and set up the hands-on activities.
    • Lots of flexibility! You can print these as posters, add them to interactive notebooks, hand them out to students, or share them virtually. There is plenty of room for modifications.
  • Comics make content ACCESSIBLE
    • Naturally differentiated, comics accommodate a wide range of learning abilities and styles.
    • Great for classrooms with a diverse population of learners
    • They can simultaneously rope in both your gifted and struggling students (and everyone in between).
    • Reluctant readers gravitate toward comics.
    • Comics help English Language Learners and SPED students find success.

**Doodle Notes is a trademarked term used with permission. Please visit for more information.

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