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5 Ways to Incorporate a Photosynthesis Comic into Your Lesson

Scrambling for Ideas for Your Photosynthesis Lesson? Try the Comic Approach!

Today’s learners are quick to dismiss information as boring. This is why a photosynthesis comic is the best way to engage them in learning.

If you are anything like me, you are always on the hunt for new and unique ways to teach science lessons. While my district does supply us with a base curriculum resource, it inevitably gets mundane and repetitive. As a result, I am always on the lookout for something that will get my elementary and middle school science classroom excited about the lesson. A few years ago, I started working comics into the curriculum and was blown away by the positive results.

Photosynthesis-Doodle-Notes-Activity-Image 1
Photosynthesis Doodle Notes Activity Image 1

5 Ways to Incorporate a Photosynthesis Comic

  1. Reading Photosynthesis Science Comics
    As a visual learner myself, I stand by comics. Even as an adult, I shy away from lengthy reading passages, and so many of today’s students do the same. In a world of fast information and a growing interest in graphic novels, teaching science with comics. More about this later.
  2. Comic-Style Plant Growth Diaries
    Have your elementary students monitor the growth of a plant either at home or in school through the creation of a journal or diary. As opposed to writing a lot of sentences, encourage your students to draw diagrams or even turn their plant into a character. They document the changes they observe in their plant’s growth through drawings and descriptions.
  3. Comic Scavenger Hunt
    There are a lot of photosynthesis comics out there. Take advantage of this and challenge your elementary students to search the internet for a specific number of comics. They will be excited to compete and read about the topic in many different ways.
  4. Photosynthesis Art
    Similar to the comic theme, use artistic expression to teach photosynthesis, and meld art and science. Students can their own create visual representations of the concept in comic form. There are plenty of templates out there, including a template in the FREE photosynthesis comic. This is a great way to keep your visual learners engaged.
Free Photosynthesis Science Comic and Doodle Notes

When it comes to reaching your most reluctant readers, comics are the way to go. Naturally differentiated, comics have the power to break down intimidating paragraphs into manageable chunks, making the content accessible to a widere audience.

More FREE Photosynthesis Comics

To get you started on your journey into using comics in your classroom, I have done a little research for you. Here a three additional FREE photosynthesis comics that will help engage your elementary science classroom and get them excited about reading science.

Comic Strip Based on Photosynthesis

Ty-teeanna Moss

This comic was created by a high school student. It is a great example of what students can create on their own.

Photosynthesis (or Gimme Some Sugar)

Jay Hoslet

This comic is great! It may be a little in-depth for elementary learners, but as a whole it is fun and engaging.

Story That!


This is an app that allows students to create their own comics based on a specific topic. I have not tried it in my own classroom, but it may be worth exploring.

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