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A Halloween Science Experiment Students Will Never Forget

A Halloween Science Experiment Your Students Will Never Forget

When it comes to Halloween, your students are hoping for a science experiment that is both gooey and fun. The yuckier the lab, the better.

I am sure you are hoping for an educational aspect as well.

This low-prep Halloween science experiment melds the best of both worlds allowing students to get gross while learning about the properties of matter. This icky physical and chemical change activity is versatile enough to captivate any grade level ranging from preschool to middle school.

Low-Prep and Low-Cost

I have been a teacher, and I know what it’s like to scavenge for supplies. All of our activities are inexpensive and easy to prepare.

Bring in Your Own Pumpkin
Either bring one pumpkin for the whole class or have students bring in their own pumpkins. When I have students bring their own, I ask them to carve it at home before bringing it in. This eliminates a lot of mess in the science classroom.

Vinegar and Baking Soda
Most of us have these two items kicking around our homes. It does not take more than a tablespoon of each to get the job done. This is such an easy chemical change to create.

That is all you really need for this Halloween activity. I typically opted to carry out the experiment on a cookie sheet making the mess a lot easier to clean up.


The best part of this product is the supplementals. Of course, students can just carry out the procedures and be done with it, but downloading this product gives students the opportunity to really learn from the activity.

If you are focusing on the properties of matter, you can cover both physical and chemical changes with this Halloween experiment. The pumpkin undergoes a physical change once the face and insides are carved out. The actual chemical reaction between the baking soda and vinegar creates a chemical change.

Visual Instructions

Many students are reluctant to read or struggle with lengthy directions. This “comic” provides the steps to this experiment in a highly-visual format making it both fun and engaging.

Follow-up Questions

These questions tie the Halloween activity back to the concept of chemical changes (properties of matter) making this more than just a fun time. Students will never forget this chemical change.

Less Gross Modification

For those who are not into the idea of a puking pumpkin, modified instructions have been provided. This prompts students to create pumpkin volcanoes. Low on gross, still high on fun.

The Properties of Matter Lesson Plan

If you are looking to create a well-rounded lesson, pair this with the Properties of Matter Lesson Plan. This lesson plan aligns with Grade 5 and middle school NGSS standards and is jam-packed with comic-style content, a slideshow, more hands-on learning, and supplementals.

Geared toward fifth grade, this ready-to-go teaching resource is great for grades 5 through middle school.

Matter is everywhere! It makes up everything you can touch, see, smell, and even cannot see. This comic covers the whole concept of matter from phase changes (physical and chemical) to the conservation of matter. The illustrations clarify the concept and make it easy for readers to retain the information.

Learn more about this memorable science experiment today.

Your students will absolutely love this Halloween science activity, and the comic-style will blow them away. Comics can make information accessible to a wide range of learning styles and levels. If you have struggling readers in your classroom or students who love graphic novels, comics solve your struggles. Comics work.

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