Why Comics Are So Effective in Today’s Classrooms?

The Eye-Catching Truth

The number one reason why comics are so effective in classrooms is they instantly grab your attention. I am willing to bet the image of the comic caught your eye first. That’s the winning secret.

Today’s students are constantly being inundated with screens and advertisements vying for their attention.

They are quick to dismiss things as “boring,” and only focus their attention on things that grab it.

Comics grab attention.

Comics in My Classrooms

A little over ten years ago, I was teaching at a charter school for at-risk youth. My students avoided reading at all costs. It did not matter if it was instructions or textbooks, most of them would not read.

As a result, these students were missing valuable content and disengaged from learning.

Test season was approaching, and I needed a solution.

Out of desperation, I created a one-page comic about a specific topic with the hopes that they would gain something from it.

To my surprise, they loved it. They read it from start to finish over and over. Even my most reluctant readers were meeting me at the printer eager to get their hands on a comic.

Since then, I have been working to get comics in other classrooms with the hope of helping educators reach their disconnected learners. I am here to help you and your students succeed.

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More Than Just a Comic

When most people hear the word “comic” they think of superheroes and paperback comic books. Maybe they think about the funnies in a newspaper.

What I have created is more than just a comic.

These comics are a cinch to streamline into your classroom.

While comic books involve multiple pages and a developing story, the Cool School Comics are one-page, printable infographics crafted to appeal to a younger audience. As a result, they are easy-to-print and work into any lesson plan.

Each download includes a content comic and supplementals, creating a well-rounded teaching resource.

Designed to align with the NGSS standards, educators can trust that each product will serve as an impactful learning tool in their classroom.

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