K5 Learning- Increasing Retention with Elementary Science Cartoons

Science Cartoons are Improving K5 Learning on a Global Scale

Elementary and middle school science classrooms all over the planet are adopting a K5 learning tool that improves retention and student success. These eye-catching educational cartoons have the power to grab attention and keep students engaged in reading science. Research reveals the impact comics can have in any classroom. It is time to revamp our approach to teaching science.

Improving Retention, Accessibility, Engagement in K5 Learning

When it comes to tackling K5 learning goals, today’s students need a different approach. Classrooms are diverse, and teachers are busier than ever. This teaching tool can save time and leave a lasting impact in your classroom.

K5 learning Thermal-Energy-Rate-of-Heat-Transfer


The combination of visuals and narratives in science cartoons enhances memory retention. Elementary and middle school students are more likely to remember information that is tied to compelling visuals and stories. This visual learning approach caters to diverse learning styles, ensuring that students with varying preferences can grasp scientific concepts more effectively.

K5 Learning Photosynthesis Science Comic


Science cartoons promote an inclusive approach to science education. Many K5 learners who struggle with reading are instantly turned off when they see a lengthy paragraph. They see a wall of words. Science cartoons contribute to breaking down barriers and making science education a positive and accessible experience for every student.

K5 Learning Adaptations Science Cartoon


Science cartoons are visually appealing to elementary and middle school students. They make complex scientific concepts more engaging because they are visually stimulating. This K5 learning tool serves as a powerful catalysts for increased learning engagement, capturing the attention of young learners and fostering a positive attitude towards science.

How it Works

Many educators are aware of the benefits of comics in the classroom, but they are unaware of how EASY it is to incorporate them. While comic books present many challenges, the Cool School Comics provides ready-to-go science lessons, jam-packed with comic-style content and supplementals

Comic-Style Science Content

Typically presented in a one-page format, each science cartoon is crafted to align with NGSS standards and presents the information in a compact, highly-visual format. These comics are easy to print and instantly grab a reader’s attention.


In addition to the content, every product includes multiple options to help you assess comprehension and build on understanding. Every science comic comes with guided notes and Doodle Notes, which serve as a perfect addition to interactive science notebooks. This is better than traditional worksheets because the comic style keeps readers engaged.

Google Slides

All upper elementary and middle school lesson plans come with a link to a Google slideshow. This slideshow is editable and shareable making it a cinch to modify to fit your needs. The slides entail aspects of the content comic. Many slides are fully animated adding to the fun appeal of using cartoons to improve K5 learning.

What is Sound?Waves Lesson Plan and Activity K5 Learning

Hands-on STEM Activities

Every complete lesson plan includes a hands-on STEM activity aligning with the content. The steps for each activity are presented in the same comic style as the rest of the materials.

If your students are anything like mine, they avoid reading directions. In response to this, I started drawing instructions. Presenting information in a visual format has a similar effect on engagement. K5 learners are more apt to read because the images make the content appealing.

K5 Learning Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

Why is Cool School Comics the Solution?

As an experienced educator in the classroom setting, I have experienced the same struggles many other teachers have experienced. I have juggled a wide range of tasks and worked to navigate the diverse range of learning styles and levels occupying each of my classrooms.

I know elementary science teachers find it challenging to work science into their curriculum and are searching for something effective and EASY to use. This K5 learning tool is a ready-to-go, stand-alone resource aligning with the NGSS standards.

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