Seasons Diagram Lesson and Activity Plan


  • Is it time to teach your class the reason for seasons, but you want a little more than just a simple seasons diagram?

Are you searching for a way to engage your entire class in reading content?Do you need something interactive to energize your learners as they learn the concepts?

Explore the concept of seasons with captivating comic-style content and interactive seasons diagram activities. This fully loaded download will grab your students’ attention and keep them engaged throughout the whole lesson. Filled with active learning opportunities, creative learning options, content, Doodle Notes, and assessments. This package has It all.

This Why Do We Have Seasons Package includes-

Lesson Plan Template

  • A general outline of the entire lesson
  • It is possible to stretch this one download out over the course of an entire week.

Google Slideshow-

  • A link is provided in the PDF giving you access to the content in a slide deck format
  • Use this tool to help you teach the concept or add it to your virtual classroom
  • The slideshow is fully animated to keep them interested.

Content in Comic Form-

  • Three comics total
  • Engage even your most reluctant readers.
  • Print as posters for your classroom.
  • BlackLine copies included for easy printing

Doodle Notes

  • Doodle Notes for all three comics
  • Doodle Notes for the Seasons Diagram

Easel Activities

  • Multiple options
  • Upload directly to your virtual classrooms


  • Follow-up questions
  • Short answer questions
  • Assessment in the form of a game

Active Learning Opportunities

  • An Interactive “Try This” Seasons Model Activity allow students to demonstrate their understanding
  • Follow-up Questions included

Bonus Game Idea

  • Reinforce your student’s comprehension with this challenging Seasons Model game.
  • Divide students into teams or challenge individuals.

Create Your Own Comic

  • Blank comic template
  • Allows students to demonstrate their comprehension in a creative way.
  • TWO Rubrics, differentiated for learning levels, to aid in the grading process


Plus, Answer Keys and a Table of Contents for easy navigation.

Also, appears in Why Do We Have Seasons? Bundle!


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**Doodle Notes is a trademarked term used with permission. Please visit for more information.

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