Why Educational Comics?

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For almost a decade, I have been drawing content through educational comics. It is what I do and what I want to do.

I have seen children’s eyes light up whenever I have handed them any of my educational comics. They are eager to read and engaged in the content. Visual learning works, and it is my mission to spread this learning tool to as many learners as possible.

Many students struggle with reading content.

In this day and age, learners are used to information being delivered quickly. Textbooks with lengthy paragraphs are no longer effective educational tools for the majority. Many students need the information to be delivered quickly, even at a glance. Educational comics have the power to deliver information in that manner.

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Comics Rope Readers In

If you want to grab your students’ attention, rope them in with comics. There is a growing trend in graphic novels. Libraries have said they cannot keep them on the shelves. Why not take advantage of this trend by using comics to teach science? Comics make reading accessible to a wide range of learning levels.

Emerging research shows that comics and graphic novels are motivating, support struggling readers, enrich the skills of accomplished readers, and are highly effective at teaching sometimes dull or dry material in subject areas such as science and social studies.

Comics provide narrative experiences for students just beginning to read and for students acquiring a new language

If you’re wondering why comics are important, here is one of the most prominent reasons – comics go a long way toward building a student’s self-esteem and better their literacy skills.


As far as critical thinking skills are concerned, Krusemark ascertained that comics make readers think outside the box to teach them about life lessons, develop their cognitive skills, foster their reading motivation and imagination, grow their vocabulary, and engage them with art appreciation.

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